Gas And Electricity

We all rely on gas and electricity on a daily basis.  Whether you use one or both types of fuel it is quite amazing how much of it we get through, not to mention the various reasons we actually use it.

What do we use gas and electricity for?

If you have ever had a power cut or you have lost your gas supply for some reason – perhaps during essential works – you will know how much we really do rely on it.

For instance without electricity you won’t have any lighting in your home. In addition to this you wouldn’t be able to cook if you had an electric cooker. And if you should lose your gas supply you could end up with no gas rings or gas central heating either

And if you have cordless phones or you rely on your mobile all the time, there would come a point where you couldn’t even dial out.  Once the charge has run down you would need to get a corded phone that plugs directly into the socket to be able to make a phone call.

How many different providers are there?

There are lots of different companies providing gas and electricity services today.  As such the prices can be very competitive, and a lot of people switch from one company to another over time to get the best possible prices for their services.

Many of the large companies are well known throughout the country, even among those people who don’t use them.  For instance there is Scottish Power, E.ON, npower and British Gas to name but a few.  If you are currently with one of them you may want to check your current prices to see whether another provider could get you your gas and electric at a cheaper price.

How can you choose the right gas and electricity provider for you?

The main task is to check your prices regularly to see if you have the cheapest tariff.  If you get both gas and electric you should certainly make sure you are on a dual fuel discount.  It usually works out cheaper to get both supplies from the same company, as this is the only way you will get this kind of discount.

Another benefit is to sign up for direct debit payments, as this can give you a discount as well from many companies.  Always ask what kind of discounts are on offer and work out whether they would make going with that particular company a good idea.

As you can see there is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a gas and electricity provider.  The main thing is not to be loyal – if your current supplier