British Gas and Electricity

British Gas is forever associated with supplying gas to peoples’ homes throughout the UK.  This is obviously because of its name, but as many people will already know, the company can also supply its customers with electricity as well.  This is known as a dual fuel supply, and it can mean you get lower prices by having both your services provided by British Gas.

Where can you find out more about British Gas?

A quick search online will reveal more about this company.  Their website is very useful and has a lot of information on it about the company and their various services.

It’s up to you whether you get one or the other or both supplies from them, but they do have a section on their site which explains how it all works.  They also have an Energy Smart feature that can be added to any services you get from them.  As the name suggests this could prevent you from using too much gas or electric, thus keeping your bills down as well.

Can you get access to their fuel tariffs online?

Yes you can, and it is quite easy to do so.  For starters there are specific sections dedicated to gas, electric and dual fuel deals.  Make sure you select the one you are interested in and go from there.

Once you select one of these tariffs you can see what is included with each one.  There are a number of different packages here so it will depend what one you choose as to which one will be best for you.  Don’t make the mistake of choosing at random – take your current bills as a guide and see whether their tariffs could save you money first.

In addition to this you should take a look at the information symbols.  If you hover your mouse over these you will get more information on what constitutes low, average and high consumption.  This will give you an idea about which bracket you fall into, and you will therefore get an idea of how much you will pay to be with British Gas as opposed to your current supplier.

Their website is very easy to understand and navigate, and their tariffs are very nicely laid out.  Even though there are quite a few different ones you will see that they are written in plain English so there shouldn’t be any problems figuring out which one will suit you the most.

There is also a link to the terms and conditions for the agreements and fuel deals, so you can see whether you are happy with these before you actually sign up for anything.  In short, British Gas has plenty of information you can refer to before making your decision on what to do and whether to go with them or not.