We use fuel of varying types as a way of powering all kinds of processes involving machinery – whether it’s simply operating a vehicle or whether it’s a more complicated industrial process, the quality of the fuel we use has to be kept as high as possible in order to prevent any problems with machinery or process.

Diesel is a fuel particularly at risk because of any water that gets into it (which isn’t ideal regardless of the type of fuel it gets into) forms a layer on the top of it which allows diesel bugs to develop and multiply – there are over twenty different species, all of which may be in the fuel anyway, but it’s only if the conditions are right that they become a problem. Contaminated diesel fuel may have to be thrown away if it is contaminated beyond saving.

Because even the smallest particles can cause problems which are disproportionate to their size if they get into fuel, filters are extremely important investments for anyone who uses fuel on a daily basis. They come in varying forms, including baskets and cartridges (depending on the type of machine) and are designed to filter out anything harmful that might lead to widespread fuel contamination. You might not see the particles in the fuel as many of them are small enough to avoid detection by the naked eye, but these filters are designed to detect, attract and capture them without wasting any fuel or damaging the machinery.

In addition, they can remove any droplets of water which might have inadvertently been introduced into the fuel – as we have already seen with diesel, water and fuel is not a good combination, so these filters need to work continually to ensure that the two do not combine and cause problems for everyone concerned.

In terms of cost, filters vary depending on the material they’re made out of, their size and their type. They are extremely easy to find online from a number of retailers, with some also operating stores that customers can visit so they can get their hands on a filter to see exactly how it works.

Although filters are by no means indestructible and will have to be replaced on a regular basis, this is a much cheaper way of doing things than by not using them and then having to buy more fuel or a new machine because all of the particles that weren’t filtered out have got into all of its nooks and crannies and ground it to a standstill.