This article is all about the process and benefits of pharmaceutical temperature mapping.

Pharmaceutical temperature mapping and monitoring are vital to storing various medicines, as drug efficiency depends on how well they have been stored. The process is the recording and mapping of the temperature within a 3D space. Within a room, the temperature can vary slightly from one end to the other, which is why it is important to monitor this at all times, so the conditions can be altered in order to be kept the same throughout. The temperature can even vary as much as up to 10 C between different areas, such as corners compared to the centre. Close to the exits of the room will be the warmest, while next to the fans will be the coolest, for obvious reasons.

Medicines can spoil and become ineffective if not kept in the right conditions, which is why it is so important. Quality control is vital and medical products must be of the highest standards as this could affect someone’s life, even to the point of death if the medicine does not work as expected due to not being kept under the right temperatures during storage in a warehouse. Both raw materials and finished medicinal products need to be stored in the right conditions in order to meet quality control standards, which are often checked by professional bodies.

All sorts of medicines have specific storage requirements written on their packaging, which consumers must also adhere to. Some products have to be kept in the fridge to keep cool, whilst others can simply be stored at room temperature. Many must not be in direct sunlight as this can increase the heat around the product, which may cause it to spoil and therefore not work as efficiently, or at all. When buying medical products, be sure to get them from a qualified drug store, such as Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy. A doctor may prescribe drugs for a specific condition after visiting them for a consultation. Buying online is a bit risky as you cannot always guarantee the product is as safe as it should be. It may not even be the product stated at all, and could well cause serious health problems if consumed or administered. Cheapest is not the best option for medicines, so be sure to go to a proper pharmacy.