Natural gas is a hydrocarbon gas consisting of methane and other hydrocarbons. Around the world, people use natural gas to cook food and heat water. Gas energy is also used in the generation of electricity, heading buildings, in industries, vehicle fuel as well as in the production of plastic.

It can be found in hydrocarbon reservoirs, under natural rock formations, coal beds and in the form of methane clathrates. It undergoes a cleaning process before it can be used. Using natural gas is much less harmful to the environment instead of hydrocarbon fuels like coal and oil as it produces lesser amount of carbon dioxide per unit of energy it releases. This domestic heating fuel reaches your homes through pipes where it is used to run ovens, central heaters, clothes dryers, water heaters or furnaces. Most rural homes use Compressed Natural Gas which is supplied by natural gas suppliers, whereas others use LPG.

There are a lot of risk involved in production and supply of natural gas and hence to maintain safety of all employees working at the plant, a pressure gauge is often very useful. Very often a gauge will fail to work effectively due to water condensation and vibrations. Nowadays, a filled pressure gauge is often used because it is filled with viscous oil and has much less moving parts. The oil leaves little room for humidity and also dampens the pointer vibration, making it last longer. A gauge will usually have an illuminated dial and often come with digital readouts. You can also get duplex gauges to indicate dual pressure on the same dial. The most important component of a gauge is a shutoff valve which allows blocking during removal or maintenance. There are quite a few suppliers of pressure testing equipments in the UK. Hydrotechnik is one of the leading suppliers, having a wide range of products made available at an affordable price. Here you can get analogue pressure gauges, digital pressure gauge and kit along with switch.

British Gas is one of the leading suppliers of gas and electricity in the UK. With both gas and electricity services from the same supplier, you can get huge discounts on your dual fuel supply. Other big suppliers include Scottish Power, npower and E.ON. Quite a few people switch their energy supplier to bring down bills. If you are planning on doing the same, you can read up on cheaper energy suppliers on the internet. There are about 23 gas and electricity suppliers in the UK itself, so it won’t be too difficult to find a more reasonable priced service. It is always better to opt for a supplier who will provide both gas and electricity, as they tend to offer a more discounted rate.