A major chunk of our incomes goes in paying for the bills of gas and electricity. Hence we are constantly on the lookout for cheaper deals for these. But our efforts are proved useless by the increasing prices of gas and electricity. So what is the solution to our problem?

There are various ways we can save energy. You can save energy in everyday work like laundry. There is no harm in washing and drying the clothes in cold water. You can use cold water detergents. This will save up the energy used in heating the water. Micro waves and crock pots use very less energy compared to ovens and stoves. Using the air conditioner only when required and at a little higher temperature will also cut down the electricity bill. Use heavy curtains to keep the use of heater to the minimum. Through the condition of latent electricity electrical appliances keep pulling electricity if not disconnected from the outlet. All these tips to save gas and energy will not only do some good towards global warming but also put some green back into your pocket by cutting down your bills.

Another way of being eco friendly is to go green in your gas and electricity consumption. Currently we are using the energy produced out of non renewable sources of energy. These energy sources are predicted to get exhausted within the next 70 years if used at such a large scale. Thus we can switch to using energy obtained from renewable and non exhaustive sources like biomass, wind, solar, hydro electricity. We can switch to the greener version of the gas and electricity to become eco friendly. Green energy providers supply energy which release lesser amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. Many energy providers will give you strict green electricity tariffs. The major players in this are Ecotricity, Green Energy, Scottish Power and many more. These suppliers will provide you good deals that won’t be too harsh on your pocket.

To get a connection from a gas and energy provider you can simply visit their website and look through all the deals available with them. Then you can give them your details and the rest of the paperwork will be taken care by them. There are now options to even view and pay your bills online. Hence most of the burden is taken off your shoulder. But if you are adamant on looking for the best of the deals then you can compare energy prices online. This can be done in two ways. Either you can visit each of the websites of energy providers and look for a deal that suits your needs or visit comparison websites. The comparison websites will show you all the currents deals being offered by each of the energy providing companies. Hence you can save your time and effort of navigating many sites.