Pharmaceuticals need to be stored at the right temperature at all times, and failure to do so could lead them to become spoiled or to no longer work. Drug manufacturers therefore have to do temperature mapping in warehouses in order to figure out where each type of drug can be stored.

In order for medicinal drugs to work properly and help us get back to health, they need to be stored in the right conditions. If they are not stored at the right temperature then the packaging does not do its job, or if there is too much light the pharmaceuticals may become spoiled and no longer be effective – even doing damage to anyone who consumes them. So it is clear that effectively controlling the environment that they are stored in is hugely important, and this is why all warehouses that these medicinal drugs are stored in use a process called temperature mapping to keep them safe.

Temperature mapping is when the temperature is worked out and kept in a three dimensional space, such as a warehouse.

Not all areas will be the same temperature, and this is true even in a fridge, where it may be colder at the back for example. Therefore, pharmaceutical temperature mapping is done in order to figure out where different types of medicine should be stored.

Drug manufacturers take this extremely seriously and consumer safety is their number one priority, which is why they have total control over the environments in which their products are stored.


A guide to temperature and humidity mapping

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Temperature and humidity mapping is a process undertaken by experienced professionals who need to record the conditions within environmental chambers. This is a critical job and has a number of different uses. Temperature and humidity are the main things that are mapped, but sometimes other aspects may come under observation.

Probes, sensors and data loggers are all types of equipment that are used in order to carry out this important task. However, data loggers tend to be the most recommended device to use.

There are eight main steps to this process of mapping. The first one is to write a validation plan to decide on your methodology and any expected barriers. The second is to check all the equipment and any relevant documentation. Then you need to confirm the device operation, and after this, set up the data loggers to their required settings.

Place the data loggers in the right location. This should be done according to your validation protocol. It is a good idea to photograph this placement for your records. You will need to check the progress on a regular basis and record any results. Access and store this data and then produce a report on the results.


Find out how to ensure that temperature sensitive goods are stored at the right temperature by reading on. This is something that needs to be maintained as the seasons change and the outside temperature shifts because these factors can and will affect the goods that you have stored, in your home and in the workplace.

Temperature sensitive goods need to be stored at exactly the right temperature, and failure to do so could lead to them becoming spoiled. When you consider that most temperature sensitive goods are food and medicinal drugs it is clear that it is hugely important that they are stored at the right temperature. If not then they could do harm to the consumer or be rendered completely useless.

Manufacturers need to have as much control over the environment in which their goods are stored. This is traditionally done through the use of refrigerators and fans, but even this is not quite always enough.

Three dimensional spaces will have different temperatures throughout. It may be warmer beside the door or colder at the back of the fridge, and therefore something called temperature mapping is used. This is where the temperature is recorded and made a note of throughout the area. There are specialist companies available who can offer pharmaceutical temperature mapping to drug manufacturers so they are able to store their products at exactly the right temperature.

Temperature mapping is also something that should be regularly done in order to ensure it has not changed as the seasons and levels of light change in the room or storage area.


Learn about the importance of oil filters, and how a build up of contaminants can cause a whole host of problems for your engine. There are different types of filters used for different types of hydraulic machinery, and it is important to regularly ensure they are working properly.

To keep an engine running smoothly and efficiently, it is essential that filtration systems are used to ensure that you are using clean and safe fuel. Without these filters, fuel can become contaminated from soot, natural solids, water, bacteria and much more. If these contaminants are left, then it could cause all kinds of problems, such as engine failure, and leave you stranded with an engine that is unsafe to use.

Oil filtration is the name of the process which is used to get rid of these contaminants, and any type of machinery that runs on fuel will use some form of filtration system. There are all kinds of different hydraulic filters that can be used to get rid of contaminants from machinery, including mechanical, magnetic, sedimentation, centrifugal, high efficiency and more.

Whatever type of filter is used, it is important to ensure that it works properly as diesel filtration is important not only to keep machinery operating properly, but also safely to minimise damage to the environment. So be sure to regularly check that your hydraulic filters are working properly and that your engine is running smoothly.


Save Money with Cheap Electricity Usage

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When we receive high energy bills, it reminds us of how much energy we use on a daily basis along with draining our wallets. Have you ever thought that you can lower your energy consumption to live a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle?

The thought of energy reduction may sound daunting, but you can find ways and adopt several easy steps to save energy and save money. If you plan to significantly reduce the carbon foot print, then use only electricity from sources such as solar, wind or low impact hydro.

You may also switch to cheapest electricity provider, by introducing conservation measures at home or work, and find the amount of cost difference. Even though, the prices of electric bills are rising in the UK, you can save money by using energy efficiently.

Most energy suppliers in the UK, look to provide you with better deal as compared to your current contract. British Gas is one such popular provider which offers cheapest electricity.

You don’t have to spend any money to reduce your energy bills and you can start saving right now. You can save hundreds of pounds a year, by applying no-cost energy saving tips around your office and home. British Gas, nPower, Scottish Power, Eon are some popular cheap electricity providers in the UK.

If you have never switched to a new supplier, not sure which procedures to follow, then do some research on internet? Most electricity suppliers offer cheap tariff when you make an order online. Before you start searching for cheapest electricity provider make sure what are your needs from them.


An estimated 150,000 cases of wrong or contaminated fuelling takes place in UK every year. The primary and foremost cause of contaminated fuel is dirty oil or using petrol in place of diesel of vice versa. Contaminated fuel damages the engine and removes the lubricant, causing the metal components of the equipment to disintegrate by grating or through corrosion against each other. This further causes damage to the fuel injection system and fuel pump and can even lead to complete collapse of the engine.

Repairs and complete evacuation is a lengthy and time taking procedure and involve heavy expenditure. Diluting contaminated fuel is not a wise option as that can destroy the engine completely. The best and safest thing to do is to contact a provider who offers fuel evacuation service. Filtertechnik has an expert team of engineers and the right and sophisticated equipment to deal with all kinds of fuel contamination.

Proper care and maintenance of equipment is also essential. Though the condition of fuel cannot be guaranteed, steps should be taken to ensure that the fuel that enters the machinery is clean. This measure can help check fuel contamination which helps in extending the life of the machinery and improves the performance of the equipment.

Filtertechnik offers systems and filters to help clean fuel and also provides maintenance services such as oil flushing and polishing to keep your equipment free from all kinds of corrosion and debris. Contaminated fuel can cause complete failure of your machinery and equipment. With services from Filtertechnik, you can ensure your equipment remain in the best condition.


Oil contamination could cause serious damage to the system in which it is used. Some of the common contaminants that could bring about these damages are: water, soot and glycol. Fuel dilution, occurring because of frequent engine start-ups, cold running conditions and excessive idling also amounts to contamination, as the oil inside the system goes off-spec. Oil contamination could prove to be fatal as it may lead to engine failure.

There are certain situations in which an oil-change will solve the problem of oil contamination while there are certain others that occur because of some systemic failures; for e.g. seal damage. Contamination that occurs because of the failure of such systems cannot be done away with, by just going in for oil-change. Seal damage generally results in glycol finding its way into the oil, from the coolant. In such cases, remedial measures are to be taken after analysing the root cause of the problem. Some of the conditions other than seal damage that trigger contamination on are: cracked cylinder heads, blown head gaskets, cavitations and corrosion damage.

Keeping the oil free of contaminants is a critical issue in maintaining the health of an engine. There are numerous methods by means of which one can keep contamination under check. Adopting such measures becomes a necessity, as any major breakdown may have huge monetary implications. Awareness about such critical issues will help you to conserve your resources to the maximum extent possible.


There are many options for fuel cleaning. This is often needed when there is contaminated fuel and one popular method to fix this is fuel injector cleaning. This method involves a variety of cleaning equipment which essentially sucks out the contaminants (they might be in the form of debris or water particles that are clogging up the pipes and exhaust). The innovative injectors are almost 80% effective and can help to suck out all the particles and microbial debris that may have set in, festered, and caused the contamination.

Fuel injector cleaning methods for contamination are very effective in comparison to other methods and are done by specialists in the field of fuel and waste cleaning. Fuel injectors also measure the flow speed of the fuel and remove contaminants that are found both inside and outside of the injector, therefore giving it a thorough clean.

In addition, this innovative device can acquire qualitative data which can tell you about the performance of the vehicle and its problems in the engine’s fuel system, which gives you an invaluable insight into what is going wrong and where to begin to solve it.

Fuel Injector cleaning solutions provide a more detailed and exhaustive cleaning system to really get rid of any debris or contamination within the exhaust, and as already stated it is most importantly both inside and outside of the vehicle or machine that needs cleaned.

It may be beneficial to look for suppliers online or specialists in the field of injector cleaning to provide you with the assistance and information that you need on this innovative cleaning method. They will be trained to give you a thorough cleaning service.


Pressure Testing Equipments

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With an ever increasing use of geysers, rise in dependency over hydroelectricity, calls for installation of safety measures. Though a human being has to face and handle many pressures throughout the day, like work pressure, natural pressure and many more and there are no devices to measure these pressures, humans have to be thankful to their ancestors that they have been able develop devices to measure steam pressure, air pressure and water pressure.

One can easily understand why there is a need of Pressure testing equipment, and surely most of the readers are already taking care of this. Those who don’t have much knowledge about pressure testing equipments, need not worry, companies have appointed their sales executive to offer online help 24*7.

Hydrotechnik offers one original Minimess’s test points, microbore hoses, measurement sensors, hand held test and data logging devices and many more devices to keep ones mental pressure down. In order to provide the best flow measurement solutions, Flowtechnik was created in 2005 as a division of Hydrotechnik. Flowtechnik has lots to offer to its customers, they have low cost products for measuring water, air, chemical and oils, and they also provide water turbines in axial flow and different kind of gear sets which helps in accurate measurements.

Hydrotechnik provides solution to all the pressure testing requirements of industries and individuals. They offer measurement and test sensors for flow, temperature, pressure and RPM. They also have digital and analogue pressure gauges, switches and different required accessories with them.


PDF Meters by Flowtechnik

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Positive Displacement Flow Meters are very unique in one important sense. They’re the only flow meters available as of now, that directly measure the volume of fluids passing through the flow meter. This is achieved by the entrapment of the fluid flowing through the meter for a very short while in a space having a known volume, before discharging the fuel downstream. This is something akin to filling a measuring jar with the fluid and emptying it into another vessel continuously as long as you have fresh fluid to fill the measuring jar. The number of times a fluid gets trapped in the specified space multiplied with the volume of that space gives the exact flow measurement. All other flow meters depend on technologies that rely on parameters like mass, density and transit time etc.

Flowtechnik offers a range of oval-gear Positive Displacement Flow Meter to cater to a wide range of needs/specifications. These meters, made of ductile iron, stainless steel or aluminium could be used to measure low to high viscosity liquids and come in sizes varying between 1/8” to 4”. The flow rates that you can expect out of these meters vary between 0.008 litres/min to 2500 litres/min. 3” and 4” meters can withstand pressures up to 12 bar, while all other PDF meters can handle pressures up to 400 bar. All PDF meters come with the following standard options:

    • LCD Totalizer
    • LCD Flow Rate Totalizer
    • LCD Two Stage Batch Controller
    • Scaled and Pulse Alarm Outputs
    • Quadrature Pulse Output.