Npower Gas and Electricity

Npower is a major provider of gas and electricity services in the UK.  Nearly seven million people get their gas or electricity – or both – from this company, so as you can see they serve a lot of people.  In addition to this they can cater for both businesses and private residential properties, so they are well suited to whatever needs you may have.

The company only launched back in the year 2000 and it is comprised of several other companies all now rolled into one.  This should give it the ability to provide a much better service and enhanced deals than it would have been able to otherwise.

Where can you find out more about npower?

As always there is a lot of information online about npower.  Their main website has a striking claim on the front page, to the effect that you could save over £300 on your energy bills each year if you switch to using their service. 

Of course it does depend on what you are using now and which energy company you are with.  But you can save some money by trying them out, and you can get a quotation or an idea of whether or not you can save money before you switch as well.

By putting your post code into the space provided on the home page of the website you can see whether npower would be the best provider for you.  This opens up a new browser window with a step by step process you can use to ascertain whether you can get cheaper bills.  For the sake of a few minutes you might be surprised at the result.

Can you get access to their fuel tariffs online?

Yes there is a simple green button on their home page which allows you to quickly and easily compare npower’s tariffs to those supplied by other companies.  This takes you to the same comparison tool we mentioned above.

To get access to the tariffs you have to go through this step by step process, otherwise you won’t get accurate results.  To do this you should ensure you have your information close at hand so you can see whether you could save money with them.

The important thing to remember is not to jump into any deal before checking out whether you can get a better one elsewhere.  Every company has perks worth considering and npower is no different in this respect.  For instance they have a smartpower electricity monitor that is available free to new customers, so you can see how much electricity you are really using.

This provides you with a good way of figuring out whether you can reduce the electricity consumption you are using, thus reducing your bills as well.  As you can see, npower provides a good service that is worth considering – it could save you money.