Oil contaminants can be hugely damaging, and a build up could lead to expensive repairs or even replacement. Find out how to ensure that you are running on clean oil through detection and through filtration systems.

Oil filtration is hugely important to ensure that the oil that you are using is not doing any damage to your vehicle or machinery. If oil is left still for extended periods of time it can become contaminated, and filtration systems are available to help remove water, particles, dissolved gases and other damaging contaminants. It is also regularly important to carry out oil contamination testing to detect these contaminants, and this is because if you do not regularly check, you could break down at any moment!

There are kits available that are used for the detection of these damaging contaminants, and early detection is important as it could help you to save money on what could otherwise be expensive repairs. If oil is left and these damaging materials build up, it will deteriorate the oil and could cause a whole host of problems that damage the machinery as well as doing damage to the environment.

On top of oil contamination testing, you also have an oil filtration system which can help to keep your oil clean and keep your machinery running smoothly, safely and effectively. There are a few different kinds of oil filters which are used in hydraulic machinery and vehicles that help to remove contaminants, such as water, dissolved gases and particles. These include a mechanical filter that uses filter paper to collect molecules (a bit like a coffee machine) and these have to be replaced on a regular basis. There are also magnetic filters, sedimentation filters, cartridges, centrifugal and more, all of which have their own advantages but equally all of which serve the same function.

To ensure that you are running on oil that is clean and free from damaging contaminants, be sure to get it tested on a regular basis to avoid breaking down at any given time. This will also save you money on repairs, or even replacements. Filtration systems are used for the removal of these contaminants, but the oil should still regularly be checked to ensure that your tools and equipment are in good working order, even if only for health and safety reasons.