Scottish Power

Scottish Power supplies lots of different customers with lots of different energy products.  As such you could benefit from seeing what they have to offer you in the way of gas and electricity services.

Let’s find out more about some of the packages they currently have on offer.

Where can you find out more about Scottish Power?

You can go to their website to get the best degree of information on the services they provide.  When you arrive on the UK site you will find you are asked one simple question before you can proceed – this is whether you are currently a customer with Scottish Power or not.  Depending on your answer you will see a dedicated home page that is meant for you.

From here you can find out a lot more about them, including their various colour coded packages.  These are labelled as guaranteed, green and discounted deals.  Depending on what type of deal you want to have, you can find out more about the relevant ones by clicking on the links and going through to the appropriate page.

They also have a Quote and Apply link at the top of their website in the menu bar.  You can use this to see whether you can get cheaper power through them.  It is a simple three stage process that shouldn’t take long to complete.

Can you get access to their fuel tariffs online?

Yes, you can get access to their prices by selecting which one of the three types you want to look at, as mentioned above.  From here you can go ahead to find out whether your current prices are better or worse than the ones Scottish Power can offer you.

As you go into each section you will see a list of products there.  Some are for dual fuel and you can also make selections to see whether their separate gas and electricity prices are better than the ones you are currently paying.

You can get more information on each of these products by clicking the link underneath that says ‘more info’.  This brings down a box that has additional information in it.  This includes a helpful chart giving you the average usage prices for low, medium and high users.  You should be able to use this to give you an idea of where you fall on the scale.

And if you want to check on the other two areas that we mentioned above, you can scroll back up to the top of the page to find them and click from one to the other.  This is good because it means you stay on the same page and you can go from one area to another to see what is available and which product would suit you best.